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Variations on a Theme

A special project

Variations on a Theme is part of the overall 'Impressions' project. Free and open to all, it comprises 20 short musical variations on a simple theme and the idea is to draw together artists from all over the world in all disciplines each to reflect on one or more pieces from this collection (all available below), to reflect the music in their own inimitable style.

Connected both in using this music as a subject and in each subject being connected to each other by the theme, all of the new works form a large collaboration. You can enjoy this collection as it's released on this page, as well as all of the music.


The response to this project has been terrific and a huge volume of work is coming in, to be released over the coming months. Some of you may of course be familiar with the music in this project; for the purposes of de-contextifying the subjects as mentioned elsewhere, for the time being unless asked, the actual piece won't be mentioned. 

Many thanks to the Twitter Art Exhibition (  for helping us to connect. 

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