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‘Impressions’ is collaboration.

A multi-art project, bringing artists of all ages, disciplines and styles together through music. 

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Get involved

Impressions is open , free and welcome to anyone to use, young or old, experienced or not. All of the Impressions music tracks will be available in full or to sample on this website as they are recorded and released, as will completed Impressions pieces in their digital forms. What 'Impressions' is interested in is how do different people hear and reimagine this music; what does it look like, how does it move, what images and words does it provoke, and how can everyone as an individual express what this abstract thing means to them.

What to do

The idea is simple: take one of the music tracks, one that seems interesting to you in some way, listen to it, reflect, and then try creating something which represents what or how this music makes you feel. This might be a painting, dance, crochet, animation, poetry, digital art, writing, a drama, a comedy sketch, really anything at all. Get in touch for ideas, help or just to share your creations
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